Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to all new readers

Thanks to my amazing blog friend 1stman we have tons of new visitors each day. I am super glad of that. One part of doing what we are doing is being "alone". I mean in most part of the United States and in some part of Canada, homesteading people or wannabe ones (like us) are a few but a strong community. Here in Quebec ... we are laughing stocks, strange, marginal people. I blame culture difference and the fact that this "movement" is not well-known nor well understood.

Anyways, this being said : Welcome newcomers! I am glad to read your blogs, to talk with you and share with you guys.

Here a lil welcome "gift", a song I totally love and that inspires me nowadays.


  1. great song! thanks for that! e have similar laws her. for instance, a neighbors fence is on our property by 1 foot. it has been like that for probably 50 years. i don't know if the law applies from when the fence was put up pr since we bought the property. i don't care about the fence being on our property but i do wonder how the law would work. please keep us posted! i hope it works out for you. how much land is involved? why didn't anyone tell you this when you were closing on the property?

    1. Land involved: 2.5 acres out of 4
      No one told me ... I don't know why no one told me really. I knew he was having a verbal treaty with the former owner (the one before the guy who bought in 2009) and as for the guy in 2009, he never really lived here. He was just trying to renovate the place (which he never did).
      I have a feeling the guy will just quit (I hope really). I don't know though since that was an exchange (the land for plowing in winter) if that makes it different. I never knew about this law before now. As for my notary, she told something about that but told us that it was ok since we were the right full owners. I just hope people did their jobs properly. We will wait and see.