Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baptiste is dead

It was a coyote, we don't even know how he survived it. The wounds were too deep and too important. We had to let him go.


  1. oh no! i am soooo sorry to hear this.

    1. Makes the thing even harder because as we brought Vanille, our 10 years old indoor cat that was dying from cancer too yesterday, for her final moment. So two cats in two nights, 6 in total in 3 weeks... and then people can't understand why I am so bummed out ...

  2. I cannot even imagine having so much grief in a few short weeks. We love them so much, but we cannot always keep them safe. You did everything you could to try and save them and I know that this knowledge is small consolation to you now. You have every right to feel as devastated as you are right now. Please take care of yourselves right now. You have been through a lot.

  3. Oh sweet people, I an't believe that happened. Hang in there, have faith in knowing you have lots of us out here sending good thoughts your way.