Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breath in, Breath out

Losing your temper in every moving is easy. Losing your temper in a very "adventurous" moving where everything has to be done and where no confort zone is kept is totally easy.
Right now, I am in a panic mode. I see the date of the eminent arrival of all that left in our house and I am freaking out. Where would I put all this.

Being a DYI maniac, we have tons of "material" from food to craft, we have everything. Where should I put all these?

I have to keep my cool, but it's not easy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Question on Everyone's lip

Why are you doing this?

- For the feeling of accomplishment : Most people don't get it but there is such a feeling of self-achievement in the DIY stuff. Each little step we go through is a bundle of joy for the next day.

- For the scenery: When I go out at day, I see the old houses surroundings mine and then when I face the Southeast side of my house, I see tons of trees and flowers that go on and on for around 4 acres. By night I look at the sky and see tons of stars.

-For the environment: My social one for one thing, I've spoken more to my neighbours here in 2 months than in 5 years at my former urban place. Also, husband is closer to his job. We will have a smaller carbon footprint.

- To be self-sufficient : That's the key point. We are giving ourselves around 5 years to be 80% self-sufficient in terms of food and many other things.

That worths every little sacrifice.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

News Pack - September 24th 2011

No More Bloody Water!

We have our water softener installed! This is marvelous, no more baths that smell like blood! I mean Vampires' stuff is on the rise, but I am not very the one who likes to follow threads!

Who Wants to Laugh at us Now?

Let say we are the talk of the town now. Most of the people we've known (and some we don't!) came here to make us feel like fool for doing this. Among the best quotes I've had so far
"Well ... A young couple has to start somewhere!" (insert comtempt attitude here)

*rolleyes* Hey you Walmart Snob, we have two houses right now, can you tell the same? I think not!

"All this work so you can have more land that you'll become fed up to mow"

Of course, dumb ass, I bought land to mow the grass. We will see in a few years though, when you'll be eating chemical and GMO food coming straight from China for 3$ a can who is going to be laughing.

I respect your choice, why don't you respect mine?

Remember this scene from the Money Pit?


Well change the main door for a patio door and the same happened to us today. We had to change the whole patio door for garden doors (which is better IMO) 'cause all was rotten near the door. Good point though, we discovered that the original wooden floors in the dining room is still there and very very nice and the water infiltration problem is mainly corrected!

I leave you guys with that little flashback from 2000 with Live - Run to the Water

Friday, September 23, 2011

Random quotes

- Being in a very old house with almost nothing makes you really appreciate the little things in life.
 - Ok so, you aren't interested in clothes, shoes, purses and hairstyles anymore ...
 - I've said "makes you appreciate things" not "turns you crazy" Duh!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My first farmer boots

I've just bought my first pairs of farmer boots. It's ugly but it will be handy in the mud/dirt/sh...

Yesterday we spent the night trying to maximize the place here. We also received our tractor that we bought for cheap from a guy nearby.

I've also spent the night killing mosquitos ... it's a mosquito fest here!!!

More to come ...

And before I go ... some "good" old Joe Dassin ... The Mosquito song!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The First Day of Forever (I hope)

Ladies and Gents, today is a great day. Not only it's the birthday of one of the best person on Earth, my great friend Keisha, but it's also the first day that I am blogging you from da house ... I didn't have internet access here before.

Well internet access ... that's quite funny 'cause to have internet access, I should go outside with my laptop and my keycard trying to get a signal *rolleyes* well that will get better. We are one of the first Videotron Clients in the area and tests still have to be performed. So patience for that too will be the key.

It's amazing all those things we take for granted. That move is so ... interesting for the spirit.

We found a very very very old newspapers here. From 1935. Too cool heh?

Well, I am back to my cleaning.

Take care!

Monday, September 19, 2011

News Pack - September 19th 2011

Bloody Water!

Our water is full of iron. This is well water of course and it's very disgusting. The water smells like blood! We gather some info and we figured out that treating it would cost us 2k. Recently though, we were lucky and part of the thing needed to treat was given to us (I found that on Kijiji), so we saved 1K. Which is good.
I will have to start doing a little thing counting the money we saved so far doing that kind of move with the choice we took of recycling as much as we can.

It's getting colder ...

And we need to heat the house that is not so well heaten. I also found 2 electric radiators on kijiji that has been given to us, Husband is going to put them in the crawlspace that will help a lot. I also bought myself a space heater that I put in the "living space" well, you know the only place in the house where we will live for as long as the renovation not over. It works well for now. I mean we hit a bottomlow of 3 Celsius... But I am sure it won't work at -30!

Harvesting garden but no time!

We harvested part of our garden that we had here at the former house. Well well well ... not so good to be honest. I was not ok with harvesting but my parents really wanted to. (Next year it won't be like that believe me!) so our potatoes done ok (they were due though), carrots were too small (I would have let them more time) and onion totally rotten in the garden (Thanks Irene!) So ... 50% happy let say.

The roof, the roof, the roof is one fire!

Well not literally, but poor Husband had to go there to put some pitch on it. But good point, we are now sure water won't come through it into the house!

Gasoline is in my head!

We just figured out that we will save near 1500$ per year just in gasoline 'cause we are closer of husband work ! Wooooohoooo !

And as I go ... some little reminescence of the good old day with Moist


Thursday, September 15, 2011

House in mirror is closer that it appears ...

Ok, so the date is almost set. We might be in the new house on October 10th. Which is funny 'cause that will be exactly 5 years after we bought that one. I mean the one we are living in now.

3 weeks ago, or so, a couple phoned us telling us that they were looking for a house for rent 'cause they have that daycare center and they needed more space. Husband and I talked this over and we finally came to the decision that we can have both house at the same time especially if we have money from a rent.
So they came, they visited, fell in love and we signed two days ago.

Thing is ... they need the house soon ... pretty soon like Octoberish soon ... So am I freaking out? A bit.

But you guys knew already about this. I told you about.

Last Saturday husband cleaned up part of the crawlspace and put new beams in it. That makes the floors on the first floor a bit "harder" you know, no bumpy feeling.

Yesterday I did the sadness tasks ever, I decided which clothes I would keep for the year. I am clothes addicted and I can't have all those clothes now in the actual future house. We will be living in just one room of the house plus bathroom and some part kitchen. So I had to pack. Saying good bye to my lovely clothes was heartbreaking (yeah you can laugh at me now, no problem) LOL

Yesterday too I cooked some meals in advance that I froze, with all the things going on in the house that will be good not having to cook.

For the news, that's about it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My oh My ...

Oh boy!
People, my house is rented. When should I move? October 15th! :-O
What does it mean? It means that I have to speed things, cause like you know, the house had no toilet until last Monday ... so just imagine the rest (and it also mean that I might be crying all night out of fear/joy/anguish/confusion/stress/relief) So for the next days, I will have to pack stuf, to get rid of stuff, to sell stuff and to find stuff ...

On the bright side though, things are getting clearer for some part of the house.

We bought a cast iron sink for the kitchen that cost us 40$, then we found a cupboard for 25$, a great one. I just bought two ceiling lamps for 2$ (I am the queen!) those will go in the bathroom, most likely. I found a ceiling lamp for the dining room for 20$. I found some ceramic tiles for the kitchen. But today was the best. We found an oven ... that one:
Ok I know, the image is tiny winy but the stove is huge, and old and authentic and it works!!

So that will be a blast in my "old-new kitchen" More over, husband, the lovable one, bought me a cast iron sink for the bathroom that is ......... PINK ! Like that ! And a very nice antique vanity cupboard.

So it's going well, fast, but well ... I guess ... We start the work tomorrow officially.

Wish us luck !

Monday, September 5, 2011

Running running running ...

Some part of our furniture is moved. We are now running to find construction material on the cheap. (We are actually pretty good for this) and this is where we are now.

Yesterday I bought ceramic tiles for the counter of the kitchen, 120$ for the whole place! That's 1,10$ per square feet, according that I've seen stuff at 10-12$ the square feet, I was super happy.
This is a message for a girl, she knows who she is, who wanted to know the color of my kitchen, well that tile is golden yellow ... ;)
So that's a first color.

For the rest I don't really know. The cupboards might be red, but I am still not sure.

It's raining like hell in our area these days. I hope water won't come into the house.

We are starting the renovation next Sunday!

Woah !

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Signed, sealed, delivered - It's ours!

It's signed!
We went to the notary yesterday! It's signed!!!

Yesterday we went to plan the kitchen, obviously, since we didn't get the renovation loan, we won't do the super duper kitchen we were supposed to, but the one we will build ourself will be great too ...

I don't know the colors yet, but bright ones for sure!

Husband also bought a nice cast iron vintage sink for the kitchen - 40$! Hooray !