Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Autopsy on Moutarde's body

Moutarde's body has been autopsied ... She died from a mix of very hard flu virus and probably ingestion of Prestone (should I mention we live next to a garage)

Other autopsy result will enter as my favorite and precious vet will perform an autopsy on Strudel's body.

We are relieved it's not a hard incurable thing that is going on.

I miss Moutarde really much. She was full of life.

I have a hard time going to the barn now ... I hope it will pass.

We are still raising funds and I am thinking about several ideas, not only to go on with the shelter project, but to make it better. Stay tune.

To all of you who supports us, 1st man, especially. Thanks a million.


  1. hi...i am so sorry for your recent losses. are you going to have them cremated? i am going to add you to my sidebar so hopefully you will get more followers. lots of the people that follow me are cat lovers!

  2. Well ... cremation costs an arm and a leg, so it's not possible to do for the moment. But I keep her in my heart. She was a doll. So cute and cuddling and all. Thanks for the support.