Friday, February 8, 2013

Coming out of the Closet

Today, I make my coming out. Well, if you already have read the description of my humble lil self in the right part of this blog, you might know that already. I am ... clothes addict. But when I say addict, I really mean it.

In my former house, I used to have a 11 feet by 13 feet walk-in closet. Yup, you've read right, that's the size of a room. And even with that side, I would have trouble to fit all my shoes, purses, accessories, tshirt etc.

Back here in that in constant demolition house, most of the clothes are now in a box in a warehouse waiting for me to pick them back up.

Though, I don't miss them that much. Yeah sometimes I miss the days when I would dress up and get out for dinner or things like that ... but those days are mostly gone. I mean in 1 year and a half ... we've been to the movie theater once (to see Warm Bodies - don't even think about it, it's bad), we've been to a fancy restaurant maybe 10 times (this is nothing compared to the fact we would go 3-4 times a week before) so occasion to be all dolled up are very very few.

As I was taking a bath this morning (Fibro needs it) I was looking at the pile of laundry and I was thinking that ... there was already no room in the closet (and this even with the fact that most of my clothes are in a warehouse).

Something must be done. I mean, I want to be greener, I want to live as a self reliant person ... No self reliant person have ... ok don't hate me please ... have ... well ... please ... ok fine... No self reliant person would even dare tell on her blog that she has 93 pairs of shoes.

*closes eyes*
*waits for thunderbolt to fall on her*


I am still alive?

Well, so people. I am taking things seriously.

I am cleaning up this closet for good and I am doing it progressively (remember my clothes addiction being as hard as a cocaine one)

I will keep:

10 tshirts
8 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of pants
4 dressed tops
5 hoodies
10 pyjamas (I know that's a bit extreme but I am progressing, believe me)
2 pairs of dirty pants (I call those that way 'cause they are the one I use for dirty barn business)
4 dirty shirts
10 lingerie kits (yeah I know I know ... getting there)
12 pairs of socks

If I am not shaking I'll get rid of some purses and shoes too ...


  1. hahaha! a little at a time! i am in the process of downsizing and it is now easy to part with things. means much more than just stuff to us!

  2. Maybe a little late, but you have forgotten a bathing/swimsuit.