Monday, November 14, 2011

oh yeah ...

and I now have a dryer and a stove to cook on ! :)

Stick to the Sticky Plan

It's done!
It's all fresh and full of eraser scrap.
We have the plan.
After days and weeks and months of trying to put everything to place, we've finally found a solution so everything can be there! :)

When done, if all goes to plan our lovely house will have

1 study (with a day bed that can become a guest bed easily!)
1 bathroom
1 studio master bedroom with walk-in (I know ... Clothes addict) and a bathroom
1 kitchen
1 Dining room
1 food storage room (uber important for the DIY foodies we are)
1 laundry room
1 super geeky palace room (well I am not only one having lil flaws, hubby has too)
(the super geeky palace can serve as a guest room too)

The room that are in bold caracter will be part of the extension we plan to do ... when we will have more money ...

After that we will probably build two workhouse outside, one for my soap and one for the food that would be sold.

That's the news.
Stay tuned for more!