Thursday, June 12, 2014

Now it's there ... maintenant c'est là.

I've launched a new website in French, business matters and should be in French in Quebec. You guys can use google translate it works not that bad:!le-blog-du-domaine/cp10

Nous avons maintenant une page web, tout en français. Nous n'écrirons plus ici:!le-blog-du-domaine/cp10

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I know ...

We haven't  been giving news for a decade ... or so.
We are good. Things are growing fast. So fast I can't event think of writing the blog.

I will try to take a moment tomorrow and write down some stuff.

I've been missing you guys. Having thoughts for First man, OctoberFarm Jaz and MaryJane and Wren ... Just to name a few.

We think about you guys. We are hoping all is well for you.

I'll try to write more.

Martin and I selling our products in a fair in last November.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Message from another (new) life ...

OMG guys! You have no idea what has been going on with my life ... since last summer.

I know, I know I've been very not nice and I never wrote. But I had a marvelous reason...

I gave birth !!!

(counting the number of cardiac arrests)

It's twins !!!!

(checking the number of seizures)

One lil non profit organisation and a small lil business. :)

OMG, I would love to see your face!

Where should I start? Well ... what about by the beginning.

It all started in the same week or so. First event, the crafter's guild expo. The women from the guild were so nice to me and asked me to bring all the things I make (laundry soap, household products bathsalts etc) I was like "well who will buy that really?"

Well I got my answer pretty fast ---- ALMOST EVERYBODY !

I sold tons during the fair, my kiosk was looking like a beehive. People were buying buying buying, I didn't even have the chance to put the stuff on the table and zoom, it was sold.

I was amazed, and pretty encouraged.

The same week, my cousin phoned me. "I had a revelation she said, I've realized  that if the supermarket goes bankrupt I can't even feed myself and my kids. You can. Teach me!"

I was like ohh well ehh ok ... So we build a class ... 9 people came! 9! (that's a lot according to how it started at the beginning.)

Since then we are blooming, expending, like crazy. I work, give classes, sell my products in 4 cities and in around 6 locations. I go and I am invited to fairs and the all. I am so happy.

But that's not all. In August, a man heard about us and said that what we were doing could be amazing for the poor people in our area, so he exposed me the troubles we have in my area and ... 3 days later I served him a plan for a non profit on a plate.

Now we have a workshop in the middle of the town ... have tons of support ...
I am the director, it's just crazy....

I have to go now 'cause I have to prepare for a fair tomorrow.

But if you want to see what's going on:


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Free" Range Turkeys and Chickens - Engraissement de poulets et de dindons en "liberté"

We finished building a large pen for the Turkeys and the chickens that we are fattening.

I am pretty glad about it because all of it was built out of recycled stuff. The only new material used was the chickenwire. Even the feeders were donated by a friend.

I will post pictures soon as it's been raining for the last two days, but tonight as I'll be a bit free, I'll take some pictures that I'll add here.

It's sad though 'cause if that wasn't just for me, my chickens will be totally free range, but it's illegal in Quebec. Even what I am doing right now (letting them outside without a complete roof in the grass part is illegal. But you know, even breathing is illegal here! hahaha!

Nous avons terminé la construction d'un grand enclos pour les dindes et les poulets qui nous engraissons.

Je suis assez contente de ça parce que tout a été construit avec ​​des trucs recyclés. Le seul nouveau matériau utilisé a été la broche à poule. Même les mangeoires ont été données par un ami.

Je vais poster des photos dès que possible, quand j'avais le temps, soit il pleuvait soit j'étais pas chez moi ... depuis les deux derniers jours, mais ce soir quand je serai un peu libre, je vais prendre quelques photos que je vais ajouter ici.

C'est triste parce que si ce n'était que de moi, mes poulets seraient totalement libres, mais c'est illégal au Québec. Même ce que je fais en ce moment (les laisser dehors sans un toit complet dans la partie volière, est illégal. Mais vous savez, même la respiration est illégal ici! Hahaha!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

The last straw

I was on my porch, still wondering how I was going to put the sign "fresh eggs for sale." up. Chuck joined us. I wondered how many days remained before he could enter for good in the house. After some mental arithmetic ... 10 days. 10 short days. I looked at Martin and I told him we could let him enter right away. Martin being who he is, said no. Our vet advised us not to do so. Indeed, the vet advised us not to do it ... And Martin always "follow the rules".

I took Chuck back on the terrace, I wanted him far from the street. Normally when I do that, he just go back to the garage or the barn.

Back to front. All cats were in the backyard except Paloma who was lying on a chair on the balcony. She normally does that.

As I was cleaning up my room that is with a view on the street I felt it. Yeah I always feel death, this bitch, when she is there. I felt it. Then I heard the famous knock ...
Then I hear meowed ... Then I saw something "hopping" on the street ...

I told Martin to come quick, that I think Paloma got hit and it was not finished.

It was not Paloma. It was Chuck. And it's over.
My little baby Chuck got hit.

I have boundless respect for my vet. But now that all this happened I say fuck off. Since the death of Paul, I still have the reflex to look up at the street every time a car passes. My heart is jumping each time. I can't sleep, I am always afraid.

Cats, all of them but Eole, who is somewhat aggressive, are now all in the house.

I can already hear the comments. "Are you kidding?" ... You can not have so many cats in the house? This is disgusting and bla bla bla...

I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of bad sleep, I'm tired of being afraid.
At least I know they are all safe.

And people who aren't pleased ...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moi je le sais ...

J'étais entrain de me demander comment j'allais mettre la pancarte "oeuf frais à vendre" sur mon balcon. Chuck est venu nous rejoindre. Je me demandais combien de jours il restait avant que celui-ci n'entre pour de bon dans la maison. Calcul mental ... 10 jours. 10 petits jours. J'ai regardé Martin et je lui ai dit qu'on pourrait l'entrer tout suite. Martin étant ce qu'il est m'a répondu non. Notre vétérinaire nous a conseillé de ne pas le faire. Effectivement, le véto nous avait conseillé de ne pas le faire ...

J'ai déposé le chat plus loin sur le perron, nous avons une galerie qui fait le tour de la maison, si bien qu'une fois sur la terrasse en arrière.

Retour en avant. Tous les chats sont derrière sauf Paloma qui est assise sur une chaise au coin de la maison.

Je suis entrain de faire mon ménage dans la pièce de devant quand je le sens. Ouais je le sens toujours, la mort, cette conne, quand elle est là. je la sens. Puis j'entend le fameux toc ...
Puis j'entend miaulé ... Puis je vois de quoi qui sautillent dans la rue...

Je dis à Martin de venir vite que je pense que Paloma s'est fait frappée et que ce n'est pas fini.

Ce n'était pas Paloma. C'était Chuck. Et c'est fini.
Mon petit bébé Chuck s'est fait frappé.

J'ai un respect sans bornes pour mon vétérinaire. Mais là, fuck off. Depuis la mort de Paul, j'ai encore le reflexe de lever le regard vers la rue chaque fois qu'une voiture passe. Je ne veux plus vivre ça.
Les chats sont présentement tous dans la maison.

J'entends déjà les commentaires. "Bien là" ... Tu peux pas avoir tant de chats dans la maison "bien là"

Bien oui, bien là, bien là ...

J'en ai marre de pleurer. J'en ai marre de mal dormir, j'en ai marre d'avoir peur.
Au moins, je sais qu'ils sont tous en sécurité.

Si ça ne vous plait pas ...