Friday, November 22, 2013

Message from another (new) life ...

OMG guys! You have no idea what has been going on with my life ... since last summer.

I know, I know I've been very not nice and I never wrote. But I had a marvelous reason...

I gave birth !!!

(counting the number of cardiac arrests)

It's twins !!!!

(checking the number of seizures)

One lil non profit organisation and a small lil business. :)

OMG, I would love to see your face!

Where should I start? Well ... what about by the beginning.

It all started in the same week or so. First event, the crafter's guild expo. The women from the guild were so nice to me and asked me to bring all the things I make (laundry soap, household products bathsalts etc) I was like "well who will buy that really?"

Well I got my answer pretty fast ---- ALMOST EVERYBODY !

I sold tons during the fair, my kiosk was looking like a beehive. People were buying buying buying, I didn't even have the chance to put the stuff on the table and zoom, it was sold.

I was amazed, and pretty encouraged.

The same week, my cousin phoned me. "I had a revelation she said, I've realized  that if the supermarket goes bankrupt I can't even feed myself and my kids. You can. Teach me!"

I was like ohh well ehh ok ... So we build a class ... 9 people came! 9! (that's a lot according to how it started at the beginning.)

Since then we are blooming, expending, like crazy. I work, give classes, sell my products in 4 cities and in around 6 locations. I go and I am invited to fairs and the all. I am so happy.

But that's not all. In August, a man heard about us and said that what we were doing could be amazing for the poor people in our area, so he exposed me the troubles we have in my area and ... 3 days later I served him a plan for a non profit on a plate.

Now we have a workshop in the middle of the town ... have tons of support ...
I am the director, it's just crazy....

I have to go now 'cause I have to prepare for a fair tomorrow.

But if you want to see what's going on: