Thursday, December 27, 2012

The gift givers - A complete analysis of people behavior towards gift giving

Now that I am out of the business when it comes to Xmas, I have plenty of time to analyse people's behavior towards gifts giving.

There are like 8 types of gift givers.

1. The over generous giver - Those are the people that would give no matter what and to everyone. Normally they are the kind of people who will load their credit cards to give gifts to anyone no matter what. Like to each flashing of the credit card, love was spread... They would also start to buy gifts like in August or in September, just to make sure they have enough money to buy everything and/or to make sure they have enough time to collect all the information needed to give the gift. Because a gift can't just be a gift, it has to be perfect. This is normally the person who receives less too ... Normally those people are surrounded by all the other types of givers.

2. The unconscious giver - Those are the people who has one mission and one mission only. Give a gift. They don't care the price, the person's taste or habits. They have to find a gift. The first thing they find that would fit becomes the gift. They are the kind of person that would give a sushi plate set to a person that is seafood and fish allergic or some gas certificate to a person without a car (real examples). Not to be mistaken with the egocentric giver, the careless giver, the bitchy giver or the panicky giver.

3. The panicky giver - Those are the people who would buy their gift on December 24th at 2pm when they are attending a dinner at 5. They walk fast, talk fast and look like they are having an attack. They would normally buy their gifts to Body and Bath works, Crabtree and Evelyn or the Body Shop and would tap their feet during all the wrapping process. They normally forgets to buy gift for one person in their entourage.

4. The egocentric giver - Those are the people who buys something for someone they would like to receive ... not because they want to make sure it's ok. No, they just break the frustration of buying something they can't have for themselves by buying something they would like for them, sometimes it can be more like they think the stuff they have is so great that everyone should have some.

5. The receiver - The receiver never buy gifts for anyone but for some reasons are covered of presents in each occasion. They are well known for their marvelous sentence that goes like this "ahhhhhhhh you shouldn't have!" but takes it anyways. When they rarely give gifts, if they have no other choice, the receiver would become a panicky giver in most cases. But, some receivers are cases of generous givers who were fed up of being surrounded by all the other types of givers and just gave up giving.

6. The bitchy giver - Those are the people who are making a gift as a statement. Perfume to someone who smells, cookbook to someone who cooks badly etc. They don't really care about the gift they just want to make a statement.

7. The careless giver - That person is a kind of panicky-unconscious giver but with the understanding that he or she doing it wrong. That's the kind of person who just don't give a crap about the person she/he is giving a gift to, she/he is just doing it 'cause she/he has to. Those people would give a Christmas sock full of thing for a dog, to a person who has three cats.

8.  The show-off giver - These are the people who are doing it for the show. Easy to recognize, those people usually buy their gift in bulk in Costco. They want big, flashy expensive gifts that would expresses all the "love" they have for the person receiving but also how much they earn annually. Another good trick to recognize them. They would fill their facebook pages with tons and tons of pictures of their Xmas trees full of gifts, and they will take pictures of the receiver not opening the gift, but after the gift has been opened so that everyone could see what has been bought and not the expression of contentment of the receiver.

For all those reasons, I banished Xmas. It was all about that after all.... spending spending and no real feelings ... or so little. That's the funniest part now. I can analyse!

So funny it hurts - take 2

Remember the ... ahhahaha ... the heater ... hahahah

Well ... hahahaah.... now it's hahhhhahaha now it's the .... whahahahhahah

now it's the water heater!!!!!!!!


I am fed up!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So funny it hurts!

Hahahaha ... hahahahahaa ...
Omg it hurts ...

Well ... to all who always laugh about the fact we normally buy used stuff please note that we yesterday installed one of the first and only piece of material that was brand new in the house (heating unit) ... it's broken today.

That never happened with recycled stuff.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 4-5

Geez! Already day 5! Time flies!

Well yesterday it was Xmas so we didn't do much ... But today, Martin installed the new heating system in the kitchen with the help of my father.
I am in heaven really! Now the place is heaten! No more days spent in a house that is at 10 degrees!

Besides that nothing much, we plan on making some homemade sweets tomorrow for our vet and his team 'cause they are super nice and helping with the cats.

That's for the news.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 2-3 ...

Yesterday with had some "party" with the bears pack (aka my best friends) in Magog. We came back at like 2am home and I was totally but totally drained (can someone please tell me how 1 (yeah just one) bailey can do that much destruction?)

When we arrived the rabbits were short of water as well as the hens ... so we had to water (can I say that?) all the animals ... (probably not, but I am sick ... sooooo I won't check for a more appropriate verb)

Today, after we have been waken up by a choir of snowblower ... we got up and tried (key word here) to do something.

I was not well at all. Anyways, husband ... ohhh the hell with it ... Martin, ok my name is Julie, his name is Martin. No need to hide anymore everyone I know is like reading that thing. So Martin build some ... ok I have to find a name for that... he built well ... Some shit blocker (ew!) for the coops. Let say that the Ameraucanas for some reason are pretty good in that area of production.

Then. my friend Evelyne came by and gave me the nicest thing ever. She bought me a painting with poppies on it (Coquelicots being poppies for those of you who aren't fluent in French). I was pretty happy about it.

We also had a pleasant surprise. I was like checking my fridge telling myself that eggs is nice ... but not like 15 dozens of them when the phone rang. Madame Charron our neighbour asked us for some eggs. I was very pleased. Like 5 minutes after, someone knocked at the door. "You have eggs right" ... I was like good lord, I am very powerful when it is time to decide that I have to sell things! haha ... Well, our other neighbor recently sold us 12 hens, well now he is sending us all his clients!!!! I was super happy!!!

Right now, I am trying to clean up the living room (as you can see I am working really hard ... *rolling eyes*). We have to work on the heating soon, 'cause it's like 15 degrees right now. I am freezing!!! Some people I know would be totally nice about it. I am not. I am totally not!

Tomorrow, it's Xmas, so "day off" nothing but normal hen care.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The 15 days of Christmas - Day 1

We have 15 days of vacation starting today until Jan 7th. We plan to make the most of it. In order to feel better afterwards, I plan on writing all we did during those 15 days.

Day 1.

Well, this morning husband went to pick up our brand new heating system. Can you guys believe that even if we are in Quebec, we have been heating the house with nothing more than 1 heater in the crawlspace and like 2 space heaters ... well let say that we had a rough time lately (strangely it was ok last year) so we went to buy some.

Since I've got a relapse of my disease two weeks ago (damn Pistacchios - but at least we got the culprit!) and that husband got sick ... Let say that the coop was not sparkling clean like it is normally. So we spent most of the day scrapping chicken shit, cleaning up everything and disinfecting the feeders.

We've also moved Coton (our rabbit) to a new space, leaving us more space to put some other small coops.

I did some laundry and some clean up in the house (that is also badly needed).

It's almost 4 o'clock now and I am exhausted. I am learning to check the signs that brings me to being too tired. When I exhaust myself, it's bad for my disease.

I've also have some pain in the back because of the fall I've made in the stairs yesterday and the stiff muscles from my lane departure on the highway 20 while going to my father's factory on Tuesday ... there was a snow storm and I missed the exit and I ended up in the field. I've got the scare of my life.

Tonight we are going to see my students making a lip-sync show in the village's school.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Note to self ...

Dear me,

You've put your vintage curtains in a white ikea box ... it's in the living room closet right now

Monday, December 10, 2012

Joy and sore muscles ...

I am read!! J
I am always a bit afraid about that. Not in a bad way nor in a …  how to say that? It’s not that I am afraid, but I've been judged so much in my life that when someone says he or she reads the blog, I have mixed feelings. Joy that I am being read and knowing that I might be interesting enough to be read and the fact that I might say something that will make people think less of me or of us.
Well, people that are reading me and that are meeting me in real life. I am glad you read and are still happy with the fact you know us! J

Anyways, I am read!

Wow, what a weekend! All the stuff we have done  this weekend is amazing!

First on Friday night, we got prepared for the weekend, we took care of the animals and all.

Then on Saturday, we build a new cage for our Phoenixes and then we moved Oreo and Neige in a new cage (they seemed pretty happy of that... Neige was hopping around in her cage).

On Sunday, we went to meet a couple who did homesteading for 30 years. They are now selling their farm because they are "too old" (remark the brackets - I don't think they are) and now they move back to my former town ... poor them ...

Well anyways, so I went to see those people and we really connected with the couple. They gave us two Guinea Fowls and tons of stuff ... plus they sold us around $3000 worth of farming stuff ... for like $300. I was in heaven!!! That place of theirs was amazingly well done. Like my dream place really.

We will surely inspire ourselves from that place to build the houses here.

We also got two new cats, Strudel and Chausson. They are both pretty cute. Though they don't seem to keen of the barn so we rapidly build them a shelter on the porch last night as snow was coming.

With the new equipment we got from the couple, we will soon produce chicks!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

At last!

I forgot to mention ...

Look what was in the coop last night!

We got it! Our first blue egg!

Feathers, tons of feathers!

Wow, the last weeks have been pretty busy feathery wise. Even if I told myself I wouldn't buy any other chicken for the season, some bargains arrived (and some crookery too) that I couldn't resist.

First, our neighbour was getting rid of his 12 leghorns before the winter for the ridiculous price of 3$ each. Those hens were from last spring so that was according to me a bargain. So 12 more ...

Then, we spotted a girl who was supposedly selling orpingtons. Orpingtons are like my dream brand since I've started raising pure breed chickens. We went there and ... I got distracted, turns out I bought hens that probably aren't orpingtons... but then they are still cute. That makes it 16 ...

Then, my favorite breeder called me to invite me over for dinner, turns out he had 3 hybrid hens he wanted to get rid of ... Oops 19 now.

Then, the day we went to pick up the 3 hens he told my husband about a couple of Light Brown Leghorns to sell ... We couldn't resist ... that's now 21!

But as we were picking up the Leghorns ... we saw that Phoenix for sale ...

Ok fine, let's make it 23!

And all this ... in a week ...

I know ... some say passionate, some say nutcase! hahaha!