Monday, March 19, 2012

Nice evening

Yesterday was like the best day ever since I moved here. During the day, it was like 20 outside. Hubby and I took care of the doors, we removed the former paint that was on the door, a tough job considering that some doors are 130 years old, hence having 130 years of different painting on. Our friend Phil came to help us, then my best friend Mat arrived and then my cousin and his boyfriend came for dinner. We had dinner all together on my big porch with the sun and the birds surrounding us. It was marvelous I was very happy of all this! :)

The kitchen is not finished, mainly because our paid worker broke a finger at his day job and because the people selling us the cabinets decided to postpone their renovation project. I hope we will have them soon though.

That's about it!

(Hey Steph! ;-)