Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adopt a Cat

My husband and I are thinking about different ways to go on with the shelter.

We calculated that we can keep "easily" 20 abandoned cats in the barn. This is money talking.

Of course, shit happens. People still and will always drop cats on our doorstep, even if we are planning on sterilization (that will happen soon in Feb.), cats will always come.

Those are free range cats. Well, let say they spent their days on the farm with us, and they are living in a barn.

They have a great life, they run free, play together, hunt... They have a different life than the house cat, but they have a good life. They are mentally good, they play a lot, are sociable, cuddling machine.

We play with them daily, cuddle and pet them daily.

Well so what we were thinking is that, a cat costs us around 15$ per month. This include food, shelter, blankets, toys, vaccination, sterilization and a "oh shit fund" (cat can wound themselves, get sick etc).

We are now offering to virtually adopt a cat of the shelter. I will soon post picture of each of the cats we have here. So if you want to virtually adopt a cat contact us. You will be sent monthly newsletter about the cat, vids if possible and pictures.

Of course, adopting the cat, is a way to help the shelter, it is not a guaranteed way to make sure that one, the cat will never been given away (though that's a very small possibility, people don't really like farm cats and I rarely have demands for that that are serious), that the cat will never become part of our house (we have 3 places, when one of the house cat goes, we might offer the place to another one --- and since Vanille has cancer ... :-(

But we will give you all the details, and we will be fair and honest to you guys. I know a word isn't worthing much nowadays, but you can have mine.

So stay tune for some profile to be posted.