Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Beast

The day after Strudel's passing Baptiste came to me in the parking lot walking very slow. As I was already dealing with another situation (a newcomer that was really hitting on my Soleil that was amazingly receptive ...) I just check him a bit ... he seemed ok and went back to the barn.

Baptiste is what I call a potato-cat ... not moving a lot, sleeping most of the time ... you know a couchpotato ...
Day went by and Baptiste was off ... I talked to my beloved vet who told me that there was possibility he would have ingested some antifreeze too ...

Last Sunday Martin found him with a lot of pus on his fur. He tried to help him, but was not able to.
He phoned the vet but ours was not on duty. We have been told to clean up the wounds, what Martin did ... With all of the fur, and the fact that Baptiste wasn't that happy we didn't manage to find ... all the wounds until yesterday.

We brought it to the vet as an emergency as he was not going well ... He was probably beaten up by a coyote or fox, or something way bigger than him. I am freaking out.

When the vet showed us the wound that was hidden, I started to freak out in the cabinet, almost fainted.

He is stable now, tonight we meet with our vet to check what we can do.

Though, this, plus the antifreeze episode, brings the bill to a chunky 750$ and more.

And people who are like "well, why don't you kill them..."



  1. oh i am so sorry to hear this! i hope he will be alright!

  2. Oh, no.... we had to kill a raccoon the other night that was fighting with our dog, and it hurt us to do so... but my, how we love our pets. I am so sorry this latest sadness has happened to you!

  3. I am so saddened to hear that you are having suc ha heart breaking string of bad things happening to your cats. They are so innocent & trusting that it is painful emotionslly & then to have to deal with the financial aspect is so conflicting. It must feel awful to not be able to protect all of the cats as you would like, but outdoor cats, unfortunately, are at such risk for being preyed upon. The antifreeze problem must be particularly hard. Many people do not know that cats prespire through the pads of their feet and of they step into fertilizers or other toxic substances, they absorbe the poison into their blood and tissue. This is why many people never understand how their cat suddenly dies. Anti freeze has a very sweet plesant taste to children & pets. Years ago the US required that a nasty taste be added and less toxic forms be made because so many children & pets were being poisoned. I hope that the source of the anti freeze will stop leaving it where animals can get to it. I really hope your cat recovers from his terrible wounds and that your life will become less difficult. Hang in there.