Monday, February 11, 2013

Sometimes I'd rather be deaf ...

"I don't understand why you are so sad about those cats passing ... with the number of cat you have some of them must go at some point!"

Heard today from my neighbour (another one - not the land one)

Can't help but start to be very concerned.


  1. You have to sympathise with someone who has absolutely no idea of how much joy animals can bring to your life. I have had many pets in the course of my life, I still miss each one but have fond memories of them all. Keep your chin up xx

    1. That part I totally understand, my concern is more about the fact that most people are not telling me that the poisoning might now have been an accident ... so I am telling myself what if it was her?

  2. oh boy! trouble on all sides. i think you were right. your neighbors do not seem to 'get you'! hang in there!!!

  3. Dang, sorry about that. Some people are crazy in this world. Like Jazz said, hang in there!!!