Friday, March 1, 2013

News from the barn

On Tuesday Feb 26th, all of our cats (except Camille that is still really really pregnant) were sterilized. Our vet took part of the World Spay day and therefore we had been able to make the cats sterilized. That was a great help for us.

So 13 cats have been spay out of 14. As soon as I will have money and that the kittens of Camille will be born, I'll make the other ones spay too.

Auguste have had to have a surgery too. Now he has one eye less ... He went away in the cold during january and he frozen his eyes ... so sad.

But he will get better.

Another good news ... Soleil and Paul are now house cats. They are now living with us inside along with Muscade and Cassis. The transition is going super well for Soleil, Paul is a bit having more troubles as Muscade is constantly hissing him. But I know the lil fella will make it.

Soleil looks super happy to be here. Paul seems confused, a mix of I am happy and I am not. We will see. I want what's best for him and if I feel he would be better outside, he will go.

There are a lot of contest related to the spay day, we registered to some of those... I hope we will one of them.

Speaking of which ... Can you guys vote for Mousse by clicking here?

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