Friday, March 15, 2013

News from the barn ...

Ok, so what's new in the barn these days.

Plenty of things.

First, we started to sell hens and roosters (well babies) we sold 5 in the last weekend.

We painted one of the coops because it's empty now (tons of deaths due to the chicken cold).

Next weekend we are transferring the first batch of babies we had in the painted coop.

Another batch is due soon.

The cats are all well but the babies. Camille is not a super good mother ... :-(

With spring coming, the lil cats are running everywhere, driving Cayenne crazy.

We started planting seeds for the upcoming season. We hope it will go fine.

The renovation are going well.

We put our city house on sale. We plan on getting some money from it that will be use to get rid of some debts and rebuilding the farm.

I am all excited.


  1. sounds like a good start to spring!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a lot of news! We have the "chicken cold" here, too, and if you want to read one farmer's take on it, read Tim Young's book (Kindle) "The Accidental Farmers". He suffered big losses in his flock, and then the remaining chickens were strong and immune... and he breeds his own replacements. We are doing it this year, too, not buying any birds (so far) but breeding replacements from our healthy birds.

    Love your blog!

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments. I remarked @Mary Ann that the chickens from the "coop" (it's a place where people normally buy chickens at large) aren't as strong than the one we have ... I'll check for the book, thanks a lot and thanks for liking my place girls ♥