Friday, March 15, 2013


I've had many reactions about our plans to homestead in Quebec. Among those: total disinterestedness, mild snobbism, amazing encouragements ...

But since a month or two I have a new kind of reactions.

I don't even know how to call them. Well let's call them "the saviors"

The saviors, like most saviors, are the bearer of the truth. Besides being super smart and being the answer to all questions, the saviors feel they are on a mission: They have to save me from that silly idea that is mine of being off the grid. They have to save me. They have to save me before I forget to buy myself a spa and third car, a bigger house ...

I find that very funny.

I mean what does it change if I want to get out of this society?
What does it change to them?

"yeah but if we all start to do what you are doing, supermarkets will be empty!"

Yeah ... and then???

"and how would one build a house?"

"And what about the other jobs?"

You mean the "artificial ones we created out of artificial needs"?

It's funny to see how people seem to have forget about the previous years of humanity.

Way back then, people were able to be autonomous for most of their needs. It was possible. Why on earth now it wouldn't be?

So they keep on ... trying to convince me I am a delusional fool.

And I laugh.

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  1. I have been laughing at my friends for a long, long time. They all thought I was nuts, too.