Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Minestrone of news

Hey lovely people!

I am sorry if I am not writing often, let say that I am running like crazy these days.

First news on the list. Camille got her babies. 4 males. Super cute. Last Sunday as Martin was going to give food she was there taking care of them.

The picture isn't too good but I took it with my cellphone ...

She got 2 grays, 1 yellow and one black all of them are tabbies and got thumbs which brings us to the easy conclusion that the father is Tom.

She is a super good momma, and it's nice to see how caring she and some of the other cats (Auguste and Patou for ones) are too. 

It will probably the last litter to be born on Domaine Coquelicots as all the cats have been sterilized on World Spay day. I will try to find some funds to make Camille and her 4 boys too asap.

As for the renovation of the second floor, we had to raise back the house from 3 inches in order to put back the beams that were there 140 years ago into place. Well the beams aren't set there but they will be next Saturday.

I was offered a job at the village that I've turned down. I am pretty glad about it. That would have brought me back to the time I was not independent. It seems strange but even if I am pretty convinced on this self-sufficent/homesteading wannabe life, I have to put myself back on tracks many times a week. Being the outcast making it hard to focus on the real deal. I am pretty proud of myself though, normally I would have taken that job even if I wasn't sure of the fact I'd like it and even if the salary was a pity one. I was raised to never refuse work even if that would be "the end of me". So I am starting to learn, I am quite proud of myself.

We planned our garden for the season. So far, around 30 people will be fed by us, which makes it encouraging.

All of this makes a ton of work, but I love it.

My Auguste came back after his surgery, he has an eye less now ... he looks like Frankenstein. Never ran away from the barn when it's -30 Celsius outside and you have troubles with your eyes already...

Soleil and Paul are in the house right now. Muscade isn't really happy about it. But ... it's life. I am glad I can offer more heat and comfort to two more cats now.

Paul ordering pizza ...
The chicks are now older. We transferred them in a big cage in the barn. They are around 5 weeks old now.
We are selling a bunch. All our hens are reserved. It's going fast.

And some other pictures of the gang ...

Proud papa Tom

Miss Mousse

One of our guinea fowls



Azul, still wearing the scar of the Coyote attack on her nose (we knew she was probably with Baptiste that day as she had that wound since)

Biscuit, who we recently discovered was a female ... lol


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    1. Thanks a lot ! A bunch of joy after all that sorrow.

  2. You took the words out of my mouth, such happiness and hope after your dark days. Enjoy and congrats!