Friday, March 22, 2013


The deeper I go in this adventure, the less I understand people.
I don't understand the economy, the society, the way people are spending money or doing things.

I was having a conversation yesterday with someone about clothes.
(and I've realized in the meantime that my clothes addiction isn't as bad as I thought finally)

"I bought this pair of jeans for 35$ on sale" That person said.

"35$, you call that a sale?" I've said

"Yeah, those things worth more than 95!"

Still ... it's a pair of jeans. In no world a pair of extra jeans will worth 95$. In Quebec, the average hourly rate is 21.50$. So that jeans will be like around 3 hours of work, to that you have to add the taxes too that is a generous 15% here.

That made me realized that ... never ever do I spend more than 20$ on a piece of clothing (and 20$ is like the amazing maximum ... most of the time I go for 10$ or 15$.) except for my prom dress, my wedding dress and something that would be very specific occasions (deaths, weddings (and even that, last wedding I went too, I was dressed from head to toe for 85$)).

Of course, I would like to be able to afford best quality and more durable and ecofriendly clothes that are way more expensive, and by way more ... I mean wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more. And I also find that most of the clothes aren't fitting my style or my lifestyle. Magnificient dress to clean the coop ... not sure.

Most of the time I will shop in clearance centers or thrift stores for that and a piece of clothing will have to be pretty damaged before going to the bin (and it's never really going 'cause I am keeping all the "fibers" for further uses).

And my clothes are as durable than most more expensive brands. So I just don't get it. I just don't get why would one spend so much on a piece of clothing.

It made me realized how brandwashed we are. Yeah I've said brandwashed, not brainwashed. I mean people see a brand and instantly think that will bring them nirvana.

This is so sad.


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    1. Totally. And you should see the people when I tell them what I've just written here. They look at me like I am some kind of alien.

  2. I agree totally! "Brandwashed" ... a perfect term! I wear jeans until they literally start to come apart at the seams. I wish I were a seamstress, because I would keep using them in some way. I've worn out two pair in the last year, and spent 13.00 on TWO pair online to replace them! $95.00 indeed!