Monday, September 5, 2011

Running running running ...

Some part of our furniture is moved. We are now running to find construction material on the cheap. (We are actually pretty good for this) and this is where we are now.

Yesterday I bought ceramic tiles for the counter of the kitchen, 120$ for the whole place! That's 1,10$ per square feet, according that I've seen stuff at 10-12$ the square feet, I was super happy.
This is a message for a girl, she knows who she is, who wanted to know the color of my kitchen, well that tile is golden yellow ... ;)
So that's a first color.

For the rest I don't really know. The cupboards might be red, but I am still not sure.

It's raining like hell in our area these days. I hope water won't come into the house.

We are starting the renovation next Sunday!

Woah !

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