Friday, September 9, 2011

My oh My ...

Oh boy!
People, my house is rented. When should I move? October 15th! :-O
What does it mean? It means that I have to speed things, cause like you know, the house had no toilet until last Monday ... so just imagine the rest (and it also mean that I might be crying all night out of fear/joy/anguish/confusion/stress/relief) So for the next days, I will have to pack stuf, to get rid of stuff, to sell stuff and to find stuff ...

On the bright side though, things are getting clearer for some part of the house.

We bought a cast iron sink for the kitchen that cost us 40$, then we found a cupboard for 25$, a great one. I just bought two ceiling lamps for 2$ (I am the queen!) those will go in the bathroom, most likely. I found a ceiling lamp for the dining room for 20$. I found some ceramic tiles for the kitchen. But today was the best. We found an oven ... that one:
Ok I know, the image is tiny winy but the stove is huge, and old and authentic and it works!!

So that will be a blast in my "old-new kitchen" More over, husband, the lovable one, bought me a cast iron sink for the bathroom that is ......... PINK ! Like that ! And a very nice antique vanity cupboard.

So it's going well, fast, but well ... I guess ... We start the work tomorrow officially.

Wish us luck !

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  1. a pink bathroom sounds so cute! ours is green lol its very fresh looking haha