Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Question on Everyone's lip

Why are you doing this?

- For the feeling of accomplishment : Most people don't get it but there is such a feeling of self-achievement in the DIY stuff. Each little step we go through is a bundle of joy for the next day.

- For the scenery: When I go out at day, I see the old houses surroundings mine and then when I face the Southeast side of my house, I see tons of trees and flowers that go on and on for around 4 acres. By night I look at the sky and see tons of stars.

-For the environment: My social one for one thing, I've spoken more to my neighbours here in 2 months than in 5 years at my former urban place. Also, husband is closer to his job. We will have a smaller carbon footprint.

- To be self-sufficient : That's the key point. We are giving ourselves around 5 years to be 80% self-sufficient in terms of food and many other things.

That worths every little sacrifice.

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