Thursday, September 15, 2011

House in mirror is closer that it appears ...

Ok, so the date is almost set. We might be in the new house on October 10th. Which is funny 'cause that will be exactly 5 years after we bought that one. I mean the one we are living in now.

3 weeks ago, or so, a couple phoned us telling us that they were looking for a house for rent 'cause they have that daycare center and they needed more space. Husband and I talked this over and we finally came to the decision that we can have both house at the same time especially if we have money from a rent.
So they came, they visited, fell in love and we signed two days ago.

Thing is ... they need the house soon ... pretty soon like Octoberish soon ... So am I freaking out? A bit.

But you guys knew already about this. I told you about.

Last Saturday husband cleaned up part of the crawlspace and put new beams in it. That makes the floors on the first floor a bit "harder" you know, no bumpy feeling.

Yesterday I did the sadness tasks ever, I decided which clothes I would keep for the year. I am clothes addicted and I can't have all those clothes now in the actual future house. We will be living in just one room of the house plus bathroom and some part kitchen. So I had to pack. Saying good bye to my lovely clothes was heartbreaking (yeah you can laugh at me now, no problem) LOL

Yesterday too I cooked some meals in advance that I froze, with all the things going on in the house that will be good not having to cook.

For the news, that's about it.

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