Monday, September 19, 2011

News Pack - September 19th 2011

Bloody Water!

Our water is full of iron. This is well water of course and it's very disgusting. The water smells like blood! We gather some info and we figured out that treating it would cost us 2k. Recently though, we were lucky and part of the thing needed to treat was given to us (I found that on Kijiji), so we saved 1K. Which is good.
I will have to start doing a little thing counting the money we saved so far doing that kind of move with the choice we took of recycling as much as we can.

It's getting colder ...

And we need to heat the house that is not so well heaten. I also found 2 electric radiators on kijiji that has been given to us, Husband is going to put them in the crawlspace that will help a lot. I also bought myself a space heater that I put in the "living space" well, you know the only place in the house where we will live for as long as the renovation not over. It works well for now. I mean we hit a bottomlow of 3 Celsius... But I am sure it won't work at -30!

Harvesting garden but no time!

We harvested part of our garden that we had here at the former house. Well well well ... not so good to be honest. I was not ok with harvesting but my parents really wanted to. (Next year it won't be like that believe me!) so our potatoes done ok (they were due though), carrots were too small (I would have let them more time) and onion totally rotten in the garden (Thanks Irene!) So ... 50% happy let say.

The roof, the roof, the roof is one fire!

Well not literally, but poor Husband had to go there to put some pitch on it. But good point, we are now sure water won't come through it into the house!

Gasoline is in my head!

We just figured out that we will save near 1500$ per year just in gasoline 'cause we are closer of husband work ! Wooooohoooo !

And as I go ... some little reminescence of the good old day with Moist


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