Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The First Day of Forever (I hope)

Ladies and Gents, today is a great day. Not only it's the birthday of one of the best person on Earth, my great friend Keisha, but it's also the first day that I am blogging you from da house ... I didn't have internet access here before.

Well internet access ... that's quite funny 'cause to have internet access, I should go outside with my laptop and my keycard trying to get a signal *rolleyes* well that will get better. We are one of the first Videotron Clients in the area and tests still have to be performed. So patience for that too will be the key.

It's amazing all those things we take for granted. That move is so ... interesting for the spirit.

We found a very very very old newspapers here. From 1935. Too cool heh?

Well, I am back to my cleaning.

Take care!

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