Saturday, September 24, 2011

News Pack - September 24th 2011

No More Bloody Water!

We have our water softener installed! This is marvelous, no more baths that smell like blood! I mean Vampires' stuff is on the rise, but I am not very the one who likes to follow threads!

Who Wants to Laugh at us Now?

Let say we are the talk of the town now. Most of the people we've known (and some we don't!) came here to make us feel like fool for doing this. Among the best quotes I've had so far
"Well ... A young couple has to start somewhere!" (insert comtempt attitude here)

*rolleyes* Hey you Walmart Snob, we have two houses right now, can you tell the same? I think not!

"All this work so you can have more land that you'll become fed up to mow"

Of course, dumb ass, I bought land to mow the grass. We will see in a few years though, when you'll be eating chemical and GMO food coming straight from China for 3$ a can who is going to be laughing.

I respect your choice, why don't you respect mine?

Remember this scene from the Money Pit?


Well change the main door for a patio door and the same happened to us today. We had to change the whole patio door for garden doors (which is better IMO) 'cause all was rotten near the door. Good point though, we discovered that the original wooden floors in the dining room is still there and very very nice and the water infiltration problem is mainly corrected!

I leave you guys with that little flashback from 2000 with Live - Run to the Water

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