Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winter ... you bastard!

Winter has and will always have the nerve to come in our lives when we expect it the less.
I mean, come on, one week ago I was still in flipflops and shorts outside ... Today it was 6 outside. Yup, you've read right! 6 degrees!

When you are not a farm owner, 6 degrees in the early Fall is nothing to worry about, yeah, you take out your coat earlier but heh, it was a nice summer after all.

When you are a farm owner, 6 degrees means a possible freezing point in the night ...

So that means... PANIC!

That's what we did. Today after work husband and I ran like crazy to put the rabbits to "safety" or should I say to "warmer" place. 3 hours later, by the light of a flashlight we managed to bring the 4 fellas in a warmer part of the barn.

I can't help but worry. I put some blankets all around hayballs, the cats are sleeping all pilled together ...

And Soleil, keeps looking at me with sad eyes ... seeming to tell me "why the hell don't you let me enter in the big house?"

'Cause I simply can't.

If I could ... I would totally be the crazy cat lady.

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