Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let those birds roam free!

We finally had time to build that pen we badly needed for the hens.
It's 10X10 feet and it has been made (personal pride here) with reclaimed wood. The only new material part was the chicken wire.

We took pallet wood that are super easy to assemble (like it's already made for you) and it took us like around 5-6 hours to set perfectly. All you have to do is to join the pallets together, then attach the corner to the structure and voila. Also, taking used chicken wire is not an option in our case. We could have also completed the pallets with some boards we have from other pallets. We made the door from boards taken from extra pallets we have (to give you an idea, each time we go to the city, we go in some places where we know they are throwing it away and we fill the car)

The finish pen with our Cayenne
I wasn't able to help husband in every steps of the process. But I am glad we made it. We tried the pen with our Ameraucanas and they were pretty happy about it.


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that fence. It reminds me of some of the rustic fences I've posted on my inspiration thursday postings. Hmmm, I could totally use this for our garden next Spring. Can I ask how you set them in the ground? Are there posts on each corner with concrete? Or are they heavy and stable enough to stand on their own once attached to the building?

    Wow I could see all sorts of fenced areas with this!

    Thank you!!

    1. The structure is attached to the coop from the side that you can't see well. As for the rest it's all joined together and it stands pretty well. Of course for a fence I am sure it would have to be put on post. We though think that we will had some post at the corners but I don't think concrete would be necessary for the use we have of it. Pallet wood is an heaven of ideas really ... and it's free! :)