Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best Feeling on Earth

This post will be rather personal ...

Yesterday I was in a chat I am going often.

All of a sudden, a follow chatter that I know well came to me and said:
"Fleur ! (well that's my name here) yesterday Greenpeace came to my office and I was inspired by you and decided to join"

I am telling you this story this morning in all modesty. But to me it's a small victory. I am proud that my words are heard. Each person being touched by what we are saying being a small victory.

Most people tell me that being not able to have a child, I wouldn't leave much on this earth. Well, knowing that someone has been inspired by the way we are trying to live, my husband and I, in my humble opinion, is as relevant than the impact a parent can have on a child.

I am very proud and happy today.

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