Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ode to Canning

I've probably already said but geez I L.O.V.E canning.
Canning is like the perfect food preservation process to me, really.
It's ecological as you normally do it in big batches and that way it takes less energy to can it.
All the jars, mason ones, are fully reusable. You normally can things from your garden or from the local producers.
It's economical - you normally can things from your garden, hence free or very cheap.
(Apple filling for 0,44$ a jar - checked!)
It's better for your health. You know what you eat 'cause you grew it yourself.
I can everything : plain veggies, stews, salsa, fillings, jams, soups, sauce, the list can go on and on. No need to worry as it won't spoil - no no no ... no electricity needed, no freezer, no what ever. Just a cool dark place.

So two weekends ago, despite of the cruel reality of us not having a kitchen, we canned 20 pounds of apples, 10 pounds of carrots, 25 pounds of beets, 50 pounds of tomatoes, 20 pounds of bell peppers ...

My ex canning pantry when I was living in town.

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  1. Wow. That canning pantry you had in town was impressive. I remember as a kid my grandmother's pantry on the farm: It was an entire room in the old farmhouse and it was full of shelves that were in turn full of jams, preserves, pickles - all that she'd canned herself. One day I hope to have a dedicated space for my canning as well; at the moment I only have a small pantry and there are only 2 jars of beetroot chutney and 2 jars of marmalade that I've made myself. The remaining of my stockpile I've had to purchase - It's been a slow growing year. Hopefully the coming summer won't be too hot and I'll be able to get more results in the garden!