Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Farm first visitors!

Last weekend we had the farm first visitors. One of my husband co-worker brought his delightful family to the farm to visit the hens that were providing eggs for the summer.

I was pretty proud to show them what we are doing here even though it's not going fast enough and there are still plenty of things I would  love to do better or to make better.

They made amazing photos. I share you some.

(all pictures are copyrighted to the Cormier's family, I do not hold the rights of these pictures)

Biscuit, Soleil's Kitten - 3 months old

Coton - our Rex rabbit



Our Plymouth Rock - Rooster

Plymouth rock hen

Miss DeLorimier

Mousse- Soleil's Kitten

Azul - Mousse's sister

Auguste --- sleepy as usual :)

I was really happy to have visitors. I wish we can do that more often!

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