Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Productive days

We haven't relaxed that much this weekend. On Friday, since I was having my phone appointment with my Seattle's specialist at 6 pm we went to the restaurant. So that was a quiet friday.

Then on Saturday, my parents came for dinner, we had the usual semi-joke semi-negative observation on about everything in the house. But we are getting used to this. Husband moved the dishwasher in the house so we might have one before the construction of the kitchen that is due ... in a while :-(

He also installed a clothline. It wasn't of course the one on that link, but I found that image the other day and I started to laugh so much! I put some clothes on it yesterday and I was sooooooooooooooooooo happy.

He also cleaned up part of the land and the soon to be cut "forest".

I took the time to check that forest on Saturday. Let say that there was nothing really interesting that we could keep besides 3 Acer saccharinum, 3 acer rubrum, 1 Populus Deltoides and a bunch (maybe 6-8) acer negundo. The rest was either dead or too close to the trees that had survived naturally. So with the help of the neighbours (and especially because their mother wants to see on the side of the "forest") that forest will be cut down soon.

We did an interesting discovery though. At the end of the forest, we have raspberries bushes on around 20-30 feet. Which will be interesting to work on and make produce.

I draw a bunch of plans for the future land management. Right now, my biggest question is : Should we have a cow or not. I don't want to have a tons, I just want one, maybe two (her baby) for milk. I am not super fond of goat milk for cheese and I would really love to do my own cheese one day.

If any of you know a lil on cow requirements, especially the feeding needs and pasture please let me know.

On Sunday, Husband and I (but mainly husband as I am not super good in this) started to construct what would be Cayenne's future crash place. Right now she is sharing the cabin that has the hens but we want to fill this with hens so we could sell more eggs to more people (eggs being like our main way to bring people to know us.)

I also started to rearrange part of the living room that is in the former sewing boutique. In the 50's that house was the boutique of the village seamstress. So the place is already arrange (wall wise) so it is separated from the rest of the house. As it has been known that I was a tutor/teacher when I was living in the city and that I was the owner of a business a bit like Kumon, let say that I rapidly got 6 students. So I rearranged that place so I can receive them without their parents having an heart attack while seeing the rest of the house.

So, I am off now, I will put some clothes to put on my clothline.

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