Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Full Moon of Hell

Yesterday night, the moon was full.
To most it's just a regular event. To the common farmer it's like hell.
I once heard a police officer saying that this day would make people crazy.
It does exactly the same with animals.
Last night, around 9, I was not feeling so well (disease - will probably talk about it one day) and I decided to go outside to breath some fresh air.
As I was walking down our land I could see a big orange spot moving on the third section of the land (our land is divided in 8 sections, I'll be back to it soon too). That was a fox, in his mouth, what would look like an innocent rabbit going to its death.
My heart made 3 jumps, could that be Coton or Neige my white rabbits? From where it was, probably not. But it could really be one of my fellow farmer neighbour. I ran to the garage and took a shovel. I am against arms so ... that's all I got.
I tried to advance on the land to see where it's den. Don't get me wrong there, my plan never was to kill, the showel was more like ... a safety thing in case the thing would attack me (not very probable I know!) but still ... better safe than sorry.
I never found it.

I went back home and tell husband to take a big glass of water ... pee was needed. Yeah that's the disgusting part but one of the thing that turn foxes off is ... human pee.
Husband and I went out again and took Cayenne with us. We were trying to check for clues on the land where the fox appeared again with another rabbit! I went mad! I started to scream with my shovel waving in the air. It ran.

We went to see our another neighbour, good for him it was not his rabbits. Still, someone has rabbits stolen.
I was coming back from the neighbour when I saw Soleil, the walker, waiting for me lying on the sidewalk. At first I had a lil moment of freaking ... what if she got hit by a car. No she was just there waiting.

"Soleil, don't do that, you might get hurt!" I said.

The moment I said that, Soleil looked at me and crossed the street!
My heart almost stopped again.
I achieved to go an pick her up on my neighbour yard.
I was bringing her to safety when a cat that I've never seen popped out of no where in the drive way, behind him, Paul (one of the gray cat) was gladly telling it to ran away from the top of its 5 months and 2 pounds! Like take someone your size for Pete's sake.
The intruder and Paul crossed the street in a hurry, of course a car was coming but was nice enough to slow down. I would have too considering that I was waving my flashlight like crazy in their direction (the cats one of course).

I managed to bring Paul back but as I was crossing the street, I could see Baptiste and Tom (Paul's brothers) in the middle of the street but like 50 feet farther.

Paul jumped out of my arm to go and see his brother.

Camille, (another cat, spiritual daughter of Soleil) saw the lil fellas there and since she is about their ages and so willing to be part of the game, she told herself "hey, let's go party!"

I was having 4  cats in the street now running like crazy.

Soleil who was still not far, decided to come and see what the fuss was all about. Little did I know I now had 4 cats in the street and Soleil near the sidewalk.

I was desperated to bring them back, when I realize that the fuss was about a dead bird that was "smashed" on the concrete. Husband that was now trying to help, took my shovel and came to pick up the bird, as I was trying to take the "kids" back to safety.

That's when she acted.
I couldn't believe my eyes, Soleil brought Camille to the sidewalk and was on the process to bring back the others to safety. I was like that cat is just too good to be true.

Any ways, I was able to take Paul and Tom and put them in a cage for a moment so they calm down...

Baptiste took the bird --- EW!

It was a crazy night, but this morning, we still have 9 cats, 5 rabbits, 1 dog, 11 hens and 3 roosters ...

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