Thursday, July 26, 2012


Husband was grilling on the barbecue this weekend when some round red thingy attracted him in a bush nearby.

Surprise! We have black raspberries on the front yard!


Also, let me introduce you to a cat I've never been able to take in picture. Ladies and Gents, here's Auguste

He is the father of Isis and Moutarde. Unfortunately Isis and Moutarde's mother is ... gone :-( Though, strangely when he is there he takes care of the girls, he spent like 30 minutes grooming them yesterday. What a nice poppa!


  1. Black raspberries are so good, in Virginia they were ripe back in June then came blackberries but the raspberries are best. Maybe you can put the tips of the bush in the ground and get more started and have new bushes next year.

  2. We are in Quebec so now it's the time.
    And yeah, that's the plan :-D

  3. I just realized how ugly the smileys are with that font! LOL

  4. Yum! We have something similar down here, related to blackberries and we call them "dewberries". Yummyness! I can't wait to hear what you do with them.

    And that is a handsome cat. Reminds me of a feral cat we had for years. Great pics!!

  5. Actually, there are just like the "candy box" outside ... there is not enough to do jam or whatever ... and let say that birds are feeding upon a bit.
    Next year those precious will behind a net to make sure we are the only one feeding. This year, it's all about discovering what we are. The farm was abandoned for so long no one really knows. Treasures are "buried" under weeds sometimes.