Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dumping Complex

That post will probably seem weird to most of you, or maybe I'll be lucky and I'll be read by people who like me, share the same feeling.

In the city near my village we have an "Ecocentre" I don't know what the English term for that, but all I know is that this is a place where people would dump stuff that can't be used anymore.
The stuff would then been classified in 8 categories; wood, green remains, waste, metal, plastic etc. You get the idea.

Each time I go to a dump I feel guilty. When I go to this one, it's even worst.
I feel guilty because I haven't been able to find a use to what I am bringing (this morning: three rusted metal barrels and a bunch of contaminated soil that has been kindly left by the former owner).

I also feel angry, angry to see what the others are bringing, I was watching them this morning and I would find used to most of what people would bring.

My heart also stopped when I saw this:

How can someone throw this away???? It was in the bin and sadly it would have been too dangerous for me to pick it up. It was probably too damaged now. But this is an antique, a piece of art.

I just don't get how people can put to waste tons of pretty stuff.

We found a place where we could have pallet wood for free for a long time. That's a great news. That would make us a lot of nice park for the animals to come.
Still, this was meant for the trash ...
Just imagine the amount of money and forests that would be safe if people would reuse or know how to reuse wood!!!

So sad.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's so sad. Just imagine the other stuff that is being disposed of that could be reused, recycled, repurposed. I love that radio, I'd have found a home for it!

    1. If that would not have been dangerous, I would have taken it, but for that I would have had to reach it in the very deep bin, you know like industrial wide ones ... Sad. So if this was there ... imagine the rest indeed.

  2. OMG, i finally found the way to comment... Well thats sad, all those classy things doesn't deserve a bin as their retirement home :O... well at least you wrote about it, raising your voice is a great thing :) I am proud of you my friend

  3. Raheel! My lovely friend! ♥ I am so glad to see you here at last! :)