Thursday, April 25, 2013

The whole story

We wanted this farm so bad.
It was the perfect place. Close to Martin's work, close to mine. Great neighbours. Of course the place needed major renovations but we bought it for 100K so that was easy to rebuild.
There was 4 acres, great place to farm.
When we bought or some days before we signed, we phoned the town hall to gather info:

"Can we have animals?"
"Of course, you are in an agricultural zoning, you do what you want on that matter"

This weekend I've been offered a Jersey.

As a good citizen, we called the town hall asking them about the legal dimension for our potential new barn.

"why do you want a barn?" they asked
"to put our Jersey in" we said
"but you have no right to have animals" they said.

WHAT ?!!!

We've been to the town hall 4 times since. There is nothing we can do.
In Quebec, there are the town hall laws, and then the MRC laws (MRC stands for Regional county municipality) in the town hall books we are legal, but not in the MRC's ones and of course, the MRC is stronger than the town hall. The MRC says that no one can have new animal raising units in the U zone. The U zone ends on the right side of my property.

So now we are in a dead end.

Our house in town isn't sold yet.
We have a house on the countryside that needs major renovation and can't be sell that way.
But we have to move and have a place for the chickens, rabbits, cats and quails we have asap.

But there is no way the bank will authorize a mortgage with those things in our pockets.

Of course, the girl at the town hall always said she never said that.

I also bought that house though an attorney, never did she mentionned that.

"she must haven't known that law" said the girl at the town hall.

Why us?


  1. Oh thats just so awful ! what an awful situation to be in ! I don't know what to say to you - just don't give up - you were mis-informed, surely somewhere it must be in writing ?
    CAn you not apply to keep animals (I'm just guessing here) I mean it ia a farm after all, surely the powers that be must realise you'd have animals there ?
    They sound as stupid as 'the planners' here in UK. I do hope you get it sorted, and please keep posting.
    Take care ........

    1. No, we have no proof of that, it was all done by phone. Of course the law is there, but no one never talked to us about it.
      What are the planners?

  2. planners are the awful people that you hve to ask permission for to do anything ! like erect a barn or a shed, improve your house etc. etc., they are NOT the most helpful people, seem to love refusing people and making lives unhappy !
    And you have to PAY to submit plans and ideas to them, even if they refuse, you don't get your money back.

  3. Have you thought about (or is it possible?) to go to the local media, a news story, or a newspaper story, about your plight? Sometimes pressure from a source like that can help. If you had chickens and such already, can't they make some exception? Maybe start a petition, I'll sign it! ha.

    Hang in there!!!