Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chuck vs The Chicken

Meet Chuck. No kitten got a name before the age of 1 month normally here. It's the tradition. I wait 'til I know them, 'til I see them in action and 'til they have an history. (exception from Dijon who got a name from the fact he is yellow and was born shortly after Moutarde's passing).

Since our lil buddy is now a month, he has been named : Chuck. Why Chuck? 'Cause he is the sole surviving member of his litter and he also survived his two uncles; Baptiste and Paul ... hence, the cat is Chuck Norris!

This morning, Chuck made an improbable meeting with a fleeing Silver Ameraucana hen ... that was funny :)

A very big bird he must have thought. Though, no harm to any of them.

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