Monday, April 22, 2013

Track and Field

I feel like we are running on a field of track and field.
Running for our life, trying to make ourselves a life here but with tons of obstacles on the way.

This is what I was trying to explain to my cousin Gabriel this weekend.

Having a project like ours is very very hard where we live.

Turns out that this weekend we have been offered a Jersey calf by my uncle.
I was delighted. Cautious, Martin phoned the village administration to make sure everything was in order and to talk about another project.

We are in a place where it's zoned "business and farm" Farm on one side, business on the other. To our surprise even if our place is zoned farm, we can't have a cow or a pig, as it is "too close" to the other houses ... or we can but the girl from the town hall talked about calculation and stuff ...

---- Sigh ----

I mean geez why keeping it that way if it's impossible to do? We need that zoning if we want to go on with our project.

So many rules, so many burdens, so many restrictions.


  1. sorry to hear this. a cow would have been nice!

    1. Well my puppy eyes and I just went to the city hall. I explained my point to the lady and she told me she would check. All might not be lost !

  2. To us a cliche'd American phrase, that sucks. Fingers crossed for you....