Thursday, January 31, 2013

We have chicks!

It's alive!

From Jan 26th to Jan 28th, our first batch of chicks were born.

We did pretty well. Only 3 chicks never saw the light and one died 12 hours after being born from a broken yolk.

Our chicks are now in their maternity, a place where it's warm enough for them. They are growing well and their are already showing some feathers. Chicks grow to the speed of light.

It was an amazing experience. I will surely redo it and I loved to see them getting born. They are born fighters.

Now they think I am their mother, reacting to my every sound and move. It's funny.


  1. I raised ten chicks indoors. If I got up to go to the bathroom after daylight and wanted to go back to bed, I had to tiptoe around. Otherwise, they would all be cheeping. It was funny.

    1. Yeah, those are amazing. I love the cheeping though. it helps me fall asleep :)