Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Me, the chicken and Freud

I don't know how the chicken mind works. To be honest I would love to be able to decode chickens as I can decode cats.

Yesterday we transferred some laying hens in the laying hens sector ...

Fight! ... yeah fight! Between two hens.

The new one and the old one you'll say...

No ... between two that were already there?!

Of course Casanova, our police rooster rapidly intervened so now all is nice.

But why? I mean why the hell suddenly the fact of a new hen will bring too already coexisting hens to fight? And by the way a hen fight is not that nice to check!

I haven't written the end of the vacations simply because ... I ended it in the hospital. I had a relapse of my disease and spend a day and a night in the hospital.

Though, if we made a recap of all we did during the holiday season ... it's good. Three new cages for the rabbits, a water heater, a heating system, some food canned.

Next step will be to plan a cage for that Plymouth rock that is now alone ... :-( I really have to find a "hen for him" ... I don't know where I could go for that really at this time of the year ...

We will also build a cage for the Anconas.

Then, we plan on starting the demolition of the second floor at last. Recently we bought a second-handed bath for the bathroom that will be on the second floor. It's not a clawfoot bath like I wanted at first ... but I came to realize that it won't be that simple. Clawfoot baths are often very expensive or simply too small. I've also been told that they are not very good to keep water hot.

I just have to hold on and it will soon happen.
I have to admit I am a bit tired to live in a constant chaotic place.

That's for the news ...


  1. I have two clawfoot tubs. They do keep the water very hot. Mine is very long and wider than a modern tub. Just buy a long one. Mine were in this house when we bought it. But, you are right. They can be expensive. Just shop around.

    1. I finally settle for a "buildin" bath that I will put wood casing all around. The modern version that we have here in Quebec aren't pleasing me that much. By the way, thanks for the comments, I love those. And welcome to the blog :D