Wednesday, January 2, 2013

These are the days...

Days 6-7-8 where a sort of mix between canning food and repairing the various components of the home that broke down (heaters, water heater).

We canned quite cool food: minestone, French onion soup, Pea soup (my personal favorite) etc.

We had some extra carrots from our recipes that we will also canned tonight.

Days 9-10-11-12 were a mix of parties (new years ... well should I say party? We went to my parents and that's it nothing too extreme) and building cages.

Our Phoenix has now a more appropriate place to live (due to his amazing tail) and our Light Brown Leghorns too.

We prepared our incubator today and some clients went for a visit (kids love to see where the eggs come from). Starting this Friday, we will put our first eggs in the incubator! I am super excited about it.

We didn't work on the house, besides the water heater and the heating in general. Let's say that this being bought our budget for other things was gone.

We sold our first couple of Ameraucanas, I feel like a mother letting her children go. We will deliver them to our friend Bernard this Friday.

 I will have to get used to it.

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