Friday, January 18, 2013

Vanille has cancer

Yesterday all was fine. We were bringing the cats (indoor ones) to the vet for annual immunisation.
The three of them lost weight. I was glad about it.

Vanille though, lost 2 pounds in like 2 months.

"I am worried about that" I told my vet.

At the same moment he looked at me and said

"Me too".

Vanille had a lump on the belly.

They ran tests this morning, it's intestinal cancer. 10 cm long tumor. There is nothing to be done. She will slowly die. Of course we won't let us suffer (it's amazing the number of people who seem to think I would let her do so.) at the moment she is fine according to the doc. I'll take good care of her, like I always do.

I think the hardest part is to think that even if she looks fine now, I'll have to understand that soon she will be gone.

As she will come to my bed tonight to cuddle with me to sleep, as she always do, I will have a hard time not to cry. She has been my friend for 7 years now. She chose me that day in the basement of the shelter I was visiting. She was with me as I was suffering my big miscarriage in 2007, as I was going through depression. It's just so hard to deal with the fact that now, soon, she will be gone.


  1. Can you post photos? I have such a love affair with all things quebecois and would love to see!

    1. I guess your comment is not really linked with that present message ... but well pictures are not really my thing especially in winter it's a bit hard to do so.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry. I've been down with a cold and while I had blog posts prewritten and automatically posted, I've been falling behind on my blog catch up. Know that our thoughts are with you all. You will give Vanille a wonderful life in her remaining days and have no fear, some day you will see her again.

    Much love from Texas!

    1. Thanks a lot Firstman, once again, your words goes straight to my heart. I am sorry about your cold and hope you are well again.