Friday, January 25, 2013

Things in perspective ...

Everything is relative.

It's just hard for me to be able to put things in perspective. It has always been.

For each deaths, I question myself. I try to find a cause, most of the time being me.

I am afraid not being able to deal with the deaths.

When I saw Pirouline like she was asleep in her lil cat bed my heart just stopped. Well not my heart, more of my brain. It's like my brain is in concrete now. It is tired of being sad or in pain so it just stops.

The timing is bad, with Vanille eminent passing it's hard already ... we don't need more.

But I have to put things in perspective. Those cats that are in the barn were all but 4 (the 4 who were born here) due to die or to have a very harsh life. I am not saying the life they are living here is perfect. It's a barn after all ... but it's better than death ... I guess.

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