Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kitten's names - official

I forgot to mention that the kitten has been officially named.

The first born, the girl, will be named : Mousse. She is all fluffy and it fits her well.
The second born is all quiet and has the nicest eyes in the world all blue, for that, he will be named : Azul
The third born, a very big fella with not 1, not two but 3 extra fingers on each front paw, will be called Patou.
The forth one, a brown tabby, will be called Biscuit (don't forget that in French Biscuit means cookie, so to us he is more of a cookie than a salty biscuit)

The first visit out of the barn in video. (don't mind the blabla, it's me and my young neighbours talking) and I am sorry if it's not on the right side ...

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