Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't trash the dress ...

This morning I was reading the news when this caught my attention.
What a tragedy! I mean, before saying all I think about this trend, I will have to tell that the death of an individual, no matter the circumstances is a tragedy and a terrible lost of a community.

This being said, I can't stop to think of reasons why this is so wrong.

I did a couple of research on the "trash the dress" thingy and I came across some very "spectacular" picture not to say surprisingly dangerous.

A dress, dry, weighs a lot, been there, done that. I came across and incredible number of picture of people trashing dress in situation where water is involved. I mean even if the girl who drowned wasn't expecting that for sure. I mean who does, but still, this can easily become dangerous.

There are million of things to be done with the dress when the party is over.

1. Sell it - I mean of course you won't get back the amount you initially paid but someone else might want to use it. You'll help someone to feel pretty that day.
2. Keep it - I remember playing in my mother's wedding dress when I was 6, I was then a princess. I kept mine thinking that one day the princess will be my daughter. Of course, in my case the daughter will never arrive. But each time I see it in my closet, I can't help but smile.
3. Upcycle it! - There are plenty of ways to upcycle a dress, especially one that has that amount of fabric. I know a girl who kept a dress and made it remodel for her 10th anniversary when throwing a party with friends and relative.

Ideas are plenty and I just don't get why we would trash something that costs that much. What happened is sad, just way too sad.

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