Friday, August 17, 2012

Goodbye Little Hen

Well, when I said in a previous post that "the death of the jackrabbit was preparing me for many more to come" I couldn't be more right.
This morning, in like 10 minutes we lose a Warren.
I started to cry when I heard the news, good for me, I didn't see her, husband did.

I am very worried, how will I manage the first death I will have to manage myself?

I just can't deal right with death.

We put the hen in a bag and buried her in the cemetery along the rabbit.

I am very sad.

Goodbye little hen, thanks for the eggs and the laugh.
(Warrens are really funny).


  1. I'm sorry. That's one thing I know I'm not looking forward to when we are out at the farm more often and have chickens and other animals. I think it's nice you have a little cemetery. I will have to think about an area for that. Sad, but something to think about. Hugs to you from across the miles!