Thursday, August 25, 2011

That was too good to be true.

Last time I wrote, we were in the stair ... and the estimate.
Last Tuesday was D-Day, we went to the back to bring back the estimate and ask for a bigger mortgage to include the renovations.
The bank manager took everything, accepted the loan and pass it to the SCHL. The SCHL here is like the gestapo of construction (LOL) ... they make sure people are not taking money for renovation and put it down the drain ... well...

They thought we would 'cause they refuse us.

I went by all the stages of desappointment and depression, but my husband sees it differently to him that will help us to do things our way and with the time we have in our disposition.

He is not wrong.

Yesterday I met a guy who can help us with the work for a fair price.
I hope things will get better.

If all goes well, we will officially be the owner of the house by Monday.

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