Thursday, August 11, 2011

The bathroom, the neighbor, and the rest

Well well well ...
Those are a couple of hard days. But I am sure it will worth every minute spend.
I completed the plan for the bathroom. It will be great.
I'll put white ceramic everywhere and wooden furniture. I want to go into the country style look all the way.

That will be great.

I've met my future neighbor, a lovely lady of 89 years old. She is going to show me how to weave. I've been saying that I want to learn that since like 10 years and now ... it is going to be true! I am so happy.

I am still thinking about a little boutique, like a country store to earn a bit money.
But that's just a project.

Our current neighbour came to see us yesterday - read came to pick up tomatoes. - But he told me that his friend might be interested in buying our house. That's a good thing but that will make the things very very crazy.
But that would be a good thing.

That's about it.

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