Monday, August 15, 2011

The stair ... case

The guy for the stairs finally came tonight. Ummmm praise all those little steps 'cause costy they are!!
Well, not pricey pricey but you know ... it can cost you.

You know that scene fron the Money Pit ? Well the staircase part might happen to us if we don't do something about it.

The totally idiotic and moronic previous owner (well not the person who sold us the house, another owner before) took away the support part of the house to put her washing machine there! Bravo ! A Nobel prize winner! So the staircase has to be redone. Well, we planned that already but you know ... Just the fact that we could have the option not to ... Anyways.

I've been packing all day. It's amazing the tons of stuff I have. I might be getting rid of many many things. But being a "DIY" addict, I need a lot of supplies and supplies are a total pain to pack !

That's about it.
Stay tuned!

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