Monday, August 15, 2011

How many plans must a girl plan down, before you call her a builder ...

I've never thought I would get bored of making plans.
We made something like 7 editions of the house plan. The more we do, the more I panic. Yeah I know I should not panic, but geez ... that's something.

So we planned the extention of the house, realising that the laundry room should be in the new part and not in the old part of the home. Doing this, we now have a lounge room which is super neat 'cause that girl has plenty of books ... ;)

Tonight we meet the woodworker for the staircases and the guy for the foundation that has to be worked on.

I plan to make some more boxes and some laundry...

Stay tuned!
And if you pass by, leave me some comments, I crave for them!


  1. Wow, sounds really great! Can't wait to see more pictures when you really get started doing everything! :)

  2. don't forget the guestroom for visits from IP members! XD