Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twist of fate

I believe at lot that everything happens for a reason.
Today I've got a big big day, tons to do, busy like a bee.
As I was passing by the Ressourcerie (the place where I buy my stuff to rebuild the house) I had a urge to go there. What for? I thought, I mean, the work is in hiatus, we don't even know what would become of the Coquelicots ...

Don't bother my inner voice said, just go there.

So I did, I went there, checked things around and then I heard a man and a woman talking vividly, the man was talking homecanning.
I smiled, someone like us, it exists!!!

Without thinking of it, I said that I too was canning.

We start to talked and suddenly I recognize him. It's  Michel Beauchamp, you know, I talked to you guys about him and his wife who had to fight to keep their front yard garden up and working.
We talked together and with the woman from the Ressourcerie who is a lovely lady. We talked, we shared, I had the rare impression that my word weren't vain.

When I went back to my car, I told myself :

I have the right.

I have the right to fight for what's mine and for what I believe in.

I have the right to be different

I have to stop thinking that we are wrong and that no one will help us in that.

In short, we will fight!

Raise your pitchforks my friends!


  1. good for you woman! fight for what you want!!!

    1. Thanks Jaz! Geez, why do most cool people live so far from here :) I would so have tea with you.

  2. We have had a hard month here, my friends, and I did not see your post of April 25. I am so glad you have found the courage to fight! I once had a neighbor who said "NO< she can't have animals on her property, I would smell them..." and I went to the city and we had a hearing. We each had five acres, and the only thing I had to agree to was that I would not keep the animals next to her yard. I didn't. It ended well, and I pray that you will end well, too.